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Max had to start chemo again on Monday, April 23, 2007.  His May MRI had to get moved up to April because of some eye pain that he was having.  While his vision exam actually showed some improvement the MRI showed obvious growth in the tumor so rather than wait for a physical change we decided to start treatment.  More on that is in Max's new blog

Max had finished Chemo October 25th, 2005.  Max had MRI's in January, May, August, and November of 2006 and all showed the tumor to be stable.  His eye exams at the same time were also stable.  He continues to get Lupron shots once monthly at Lehigh Valley and started Sandostatin to control his Growth hormones in May.  Max has a follow up with Endocrinology to go review the effectiveness of both the Lupron and Sandostatin in June.

We're in the process of moving Max's Visit Histories to his new (5/2007) blog.  The blog really lends itself to the diary type of writing that I've been using but adds the ability to view/manage by date, use key words, and a few other neat things.  The 2007 and 2006 entries have already been moved over and the rest should follow in the near future.  My thinking is that because the blog is a little easier to update I might be able to keep it up to date a little easier as well as post some stuff for Max that isn't always related to his treatments.  We'll see how that goes :s

Here, on my homepage, you'll find my most recent information.   Medicines has information on what I'm taking or what I might be taking in the future.  Diagnosis / Results has details of my diagnosis as well as the results of my eye exams and MRI scans.  Picutres ... well that just has pictures of me and my family.  Guestbook is where people can leave messages